queenreeen asked:

My pores on my nose are huge and dark. Besides that I have no other skin issues. What do you recommend?

ukrainianbarbiedoll answered:

Those are probably black heads! You can try doing those nose strips to remove them, exfoliate, do masks that help clean out pores, orrrr just squeeze them out which honestly is the most effective remedy, then after put a mask on to shrink your pores :)


walkthroughhighpark asked:

What do you think is a good color by Mac that Kylie Jenner wears?

makeuploversunite answered:

Kylie Jenner seems to wear different versions of the same lip. Sometimes it’s more pinky nude, other times it’s more mauve and sometimes it’s more of a brown. She goes pretty strong with the lip liner to get a really defined lip so lip liner is a must :)

Also keep in mind Kylie has a pretty fair skin tone so if you have more of a medium to deeper skin tone you’ll want to adjust the colors to fit your skin tone so look for lipsticks similar in tone just darker.

The word on the street is she uses Whirl lip liner and Brave, Velvet Teddy and Twig lipsticks. 



Twig (pinky brown, more pink than brown)


Velvet Teddy (brown with a hint of pink)


MAC’s Mehr is also really similar to her lighter pinky nude lip look she wears! Mehr is pretty new to MAC and was just recently made part of the permanent collection.